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I've been biking Minneapolis since March of 2017, when you might spend an hour pedaling to a remote restaurant for a remote delivery for $3.62. And customers were told 'No need to tip' right on the app, besides not being able to in- app tip in the first place. And no boosts (like now). The only thing that kept me going were waiting payments of $5 for every 10 minutes of waiting I claimed. No other couriers seemed to be aware of being able to claim that here until I mentioned it on the Minneapolis Uber Eats thread.

Things improved considerably last summer with 1.4x lunch and 1.6x evening boosts. Those were the only periods I biked. I could average about $12 an hour lunch, $16 an hour evening. Not what I pictured myself doing with my $200,000 Computer Science masters from the UofM Institute of Tech, but at least I was my own boss. Still tips were rare, as customers had to rate you first before even being offered a tip option. I would have to explain this to people when asked about in-app tipping, but rarely got one even then.

Now we are back to the no boost era, but customers can apparently tip upfront. Has this made up for the lack of boosts? Not really. My runs are tipically $4.80 to $5.30 now, but I'll get a buck or two extra tip on a third of them. You still make more during lunch and dinner just because there are more runs offered, so you can be pickier on what to accept.

As to whether it's worth it on a bike, per hour bike income is hugely dependant on how far you get sent. I'll make $4.80 for a 10 minute hotel run across the street, $5.80 for a 45 minute roundtrip 3 mile remote ride that I have to deadhead back from. It takes some skill with a bike picking your areas and pickups to avoid those runs. 5 Guys is notorious for remote, sometimes ghetto drops, but I do them anyway because I'm pinged so hard for 5 Guys. The downtown one here is on a bus only street. I'm only doing about $11 an hour now throughout the day, pretty sad really. I may still be the only legit biker here, countless customers have told me I'm the only courier that's shown as a biker on the app who has actually been on a bike. Minneapolis takes on more Somali refugees than any other US city, and the no insurance/license Uber Eats car courier population is huge here. They all claim bike status. Uber should ask alleged bicycle couriers to take a picture of their bike, besides themselves, for ID checks.

The golden days are over, but if $11 an hour is worth it for you and you can pedal for hours at a time, you might try it. For me personally by the way, I wouldn't do this by car at all. Parking would be a pain here and it can trash your vehicle.
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