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UberEats in Gaithersburg and Bethesda Maryland area.

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I'm in this area once or twice a month for my wife's work, and until recently I simply found something to do (usually nothing) while she worked. Only in the last month have I been turning on the app and doing deliveries; it is quite busy.

I work in Charlottesville, Virginia normally and yes the app works anywhere in Virginia, DC, and Maryland.

Maryland is awesome, Northern Virginia and DC are also busy but often unpleasant because of traffic, the big office/apartment buildings and parking problems.

Does anyone else do this in these different locations?
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I tried it but didn't have any luck.

I think almost any job in that area pays more than delivery.
No doubt, but I did 3 hours of VERY selective deliveries today around Gaithersburg and banked $67. Considering zero operating costs (no fuel costs) I'll take that over sitting in a Harris Teeter parking lot for 3 hours anytime.
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