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Uber X vs Plus 100+ hours a week

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Does anyone have information on expected net income after driving 100+ hrs on Uber X and Uber plus? I'm also unsure if there is enough 100 hours worth of work on the plus platform alone, so I'm wondering if anyone has ever attempted.

Just curious if anyone has any experience working 90/100 hours a week. I don't have a prescription for adderall, however, my friend does and I could steal a couple ;)

ALSO: I'm new to the forum, I've been creeping for a few days now, and I mean creeping.
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100 hours a week?
I'd slash my wrists.
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Oh... me too! I don't know how some of these uber X drivers do it. From what I've seen is they finance a new car for 25K, drive 50k miles, make $20k, car has depreciated to 17k
Not only that but in most states the max number of hours per day you can drive is 12.
Other states have ten hour max per day, and/or X number of hours per week.
That's what it's gonna come down to here in Nevada if U/L wants to get back on the road here.

All it's gonna take is one horrendous accident for a driver who has been driving 17 hours, and/or has stimulants in his blood because the state they're in has no drug testing for rideshares and you're gonna see a lot of shit hit the fan.
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