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Uber Wins Dismissal of Lawsuit by Connecticut Taxi Companies

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Looks like Uber will be in CT for at least a while longer. Gonna get worse for the cab companies.

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IMHO after the Taxi Companies' Law Council submits their appeal, I wouldn't be surprised if this same Council works to strike a behind the scene deal with Uber to become an "Uber T" Partner similar to NY but now into CT. I believe that I've seen Taxi Service canvassing Uber, Lyft, and Yellow Cab. They just increased the propensity by 66% in getting a call. So what if any, are the forecasted repercussions to us UberX Drivers in CT? Either things stay status-quo (Which I doubt because though a churn of drivers exist, a net-gain in drivers also exists), The Appeal succeeds and we lose, or Uber allows the Taxi Companies to join in as an Uber T Service (Which will potentially decrease our rider base by 50%). The last one could be devastating to our current situation which is (At least in the Hartford and Central CT areas) where the market demand remains the same but diluted with additional UberX Drivers and then possibly Uber T's. Either way we'll end up with a smaller piece of the same pie. Just my opinion, I could be wrong <Dennis Miller>
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Quite a concept I doubt it
What are your (And other CT Drivers) thoughts?

Does anybody follow Uber in other social media sites? I've been following them for eight months on LinkedIn. Yes, they're growing ($53b) but not without their squirmishes in the global economy. I wish I was their law firm representing them $$$$$$$ are they today's Enron?
Very interesting, I never thought about that possibility. I used to be in the CT taxi business and I can tell you that there is very little cooperation among the individual companies. Some of them have grudges with each other reminiscent of the Hatfields and MCCoys. I can't imagine them all agreeing to such an arrangement but you never know.
I hear ya Uber Tax Pro yet desperate times call for desperate measures thus creating a common denominator amongst CT Taxi Companies and their drivers. Building solidarity could be a dominant force in this chess match.
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