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UBER Template in Red - my comments in black

Dear Sir,
You and your colleagues have probably had a bunch of these emails sent to you that are all copy and paste - because that is what UBER is good at - marketing/lobbying....and getting their minions to follow sheep like with whatever spin they put out to them .... from my observation and experience ..UBER are definitely NOT interested in being a good "corporate citizen" ...if they were then they'd find a way to legally enter the Australian market as a legitimate, Tax Paying, corporation.

I was an Uber-X "partner" driver for several months - very much part time, until it just became ridiculously UNprofitable for the level of risk vs the reward - the collection of GST on UBER"s behalf was the last straw.

I am resident in your electorate. I partnered with Uber because:
  • I wanted something to do over the Xmas break and had happily used Uber as a passenger previously - and didn't like using Taxi's. .
  • It is flexible. I can work when I want - true but in reality this is UBER SPIN as there are significant variations in when/where I can work and how much I can earn "after tax/expenses"
    e.g. : The way Uber has it organised ( in UBER's favour) they don't care how MUCH a driver earns (after expenses/tax) ...only how many drivers there are .....as UBER still pick up 20% of ALL fares - TAX FREE -
  • Whereas the Uber-X Driver has to
a) Drive to the pick up point (unpaid) - b) wait (unpaid) until the passenger turns up c) Drive to the drop off point (Uber expects the driver to have a clean car, safe, roadworthy car AND supply mints/water to every passenger - all extra expenses to the driver - regardless of if the fare revenue is $6 or $66 - i.e. a $6 minimum trip could in fact be a negative profit after expenses/GST etc if 3-4 people get in the car, all have a bottle of water ...but UBER still picks up their 20% Tax Free....) d) Drop off the passenger and then drive/wait (unpaid) until the next request for a ride

NB Unlike Taxis there is no "street hailing" - unlike Small Charter Vehicles there is no "regular clientele" so no way to build "a business" with a regular income/asset base Uber-X drivers are 100% reliant on the UBER App to generate ANY income - and if Uber decides to LOWER the Rates (as they have done) without consultation to win more market share and/or they decide to increase the Commission they charge the drivers to increase UBER's Profit ... the can do ....at any time ... without notice .... so flexibility os one thing ..."job security" and "profit" are completely different ..
  • there is a chance UBER will follow US trend and increase their commission to 30% for most trips - impacting driver profitability even further
  • the Driver "partner" on the other hand bears ALL the running costs and ALL the risk of operating in a "grey area" which could also impact their private Car insurance PLUS to add insult to injury.... the Driver has to collect/pay UBER's share of the GST on every trip ....
  • It is easy. I can use my own car and don't have to pay big upfront costs before getting on the road and earning money. --- OK now having read the above - try reading that statement without laughing out loud at the Uber "Spin"
It is safe. I have gone through stringent safety checks -
Not neccessarily..... Uber uses an outsourced third party reference checking company that made sure I had a "good" driving/criminal record... no idea if it was "stringent" or not as they didn't pick up that I had a low range DUI (0.055) 20 years ago .... no pre driving counselling/no psych tests they have no idea if I am a closet psycho/rapist/axe murderer... just that I haven't been caught/tried convicted....

the app makes sure I know who I am picking up and where we are going.
NO WRONG AGAIN - this is UBER SPIN !!!! Uber hides the Destination of the trip until the Passenger is physically in the car and ready to go ... there is no way to know if the person who requested the ride is the actual person who will be travelling - eg I could request an Uber for my drunk out of town mate and put him in an Uber X - then it is the driver's responsibility to get him home/out of the car ... and hope he doesn't spew/get violent...nb ther e is no panic button/no camera/no 2 way radio in the car - and Uber dont even give out an emergency phone number for drivers to contact them (...because they don't care/don't want to know ....? ) and if he does get violent ... the guy wont be the person (first name only) who is displayed on the driver app screen.
At the end of each trip, riders pay me straight through the app so there is no risk of runners or robbery and I get a record of every single trip.
NO WRONG AGAIN - this is UBER SPIN !!!! - Passengers pay UBER DIRECTLY via their Credit card/pay pal account to an offshore UBER account in Holland where there is no risk Uber can be subject to Australian GST - then UBER remits a weekly amount into my TFN Registered Bank account so that I cna declare all of my income and pay additional tax on it - and collect the GST on behalf of Uber -

As my local Member of Parliament I want to know that you will support me and advocate for sensible safety based ridesharing regulations.
NO WRONG AGAIN - this is UBER SPIN !!!! I want you to be aware that I support SOME competition to the Taxi industry - they need it as their service/pricing is ridiculous and does not encourage safe driving - low cost, fair and equitable ride sharing does - but this company is not the panacea to all Perth's taxi problems - they are only in it for the money - no other reason - they do not care about their passengers or their drivers or the millions of Australian taxpayers who fund the infrastructure that they profit from .

I would also like to arrange a time to meet with you to discuss this issue, as it is important to me, my family and the people of our electorate.
If you are interested in a frank, honest and independent account of an Ex UBER-X driver (I am not and never have been a Taxi driver - but am a long term user in many different cities) I am happy to chat.

FINAL COMMENT: UBER says they have "created 10,000+ jobs" ... bullsh!t ... they have taken an existing service (Taxi's/Hire cars/Public transport) and DILUTED it among 10,000 or more Australians who are using their own vehicles (not Uber's) paying for their own petrol/maintenance/tyres etc, risking their assets and livelihood (no guarantee of insurance/workers comp etc for driver or his/her vehicle) ... whilst skimming 20% off the top and taking it out of the country TAX FREE/GST FREE... and at the same time thumbing their noses at the laws and legislation of this country that (most of us) citizens/residents/companies willingly comply with for the greater good of our nation/people.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Well said!

Can I plagiarise it?
Aw shucks that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me .... knock yourself out DD ...my thoughts are. .If you can cut and paste anything on the interwebs ..it ain't copyright. .. lol

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I was perhaps going to send something concise and to the point
(a big ask for me, once I get a head of steam up on this and that),
but now that I see this epic, I'm thinking "copy-paste-send" ...
'Can I plagiarise it?' See, it's that easy... (sorry DrivinDaddy!) :)
Happy for anyone to use this as a template and add their own story/thoughts/experience to it ....that's what Uber DID NOT count on...drivers having their own view and not being driven by a $ at any cost...Unlike UBER

They arrogantly thought that by giving us their framework everyone would just sheepishly forward on their "spin" to the politicians ... who they expect to just go ... "ooooh votersssss".... (say it like Mr Burns from the Simpsons) and automatically support Uber's quest for world domination using their "partners" as cannon fodder. ..

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Send it back to Uber! Nice job.
Mate, Uber was so controlling they inserted their own email address into the email template so they could monitor the response rate. ....

I chose to delete their email address because I don't want to give them any extra time to formulate a defense/counter argument/Uberspin. .. the ****ers are smart enough already. . No point giving them a head start. .. I respect their skill in strategy and marketing. .. from a text book point of view it is brilliant... from a moral, ethical and humanistic view..... it ****ing sux!

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I have no idea if this bloke is being genuine.... or just a Politician. ... but it's the first time I have got a personal email from my local member .....

From: @mp.wa.gov.au>
Date:26/08/2015 13:29 (GMT+08:00)
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: NOT HAPPY WITH UBER - I was an UberX Driver

Dear Ubercurious

Thank you for your very interesting comments regarding Uber. It is so good to hear the other side of the story. I have taken the liberty of forwarding your letter to the Minister for Transport, as he is deeply engaged in reform of the whole taxi industry.

If you have any other concerns about this or any other issue, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Member of the Legislative Assembly

Member for

P: (08)


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I am interested in using the initial letter with some changes and send it to some of my Texas legislators. Very well written! :)

BTW, what does NB stand for?
Happy to provide this as a template.

NB is similar to PS in a letter it is the initials of Nota Bene - Latin for "please note" and is used to draw attention to or provide extra information about a subject mentioned in the text of the letter/essay.

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Sorry to say but your email reads like a pissed off disgruntled uberx driver who just wants to ***** and whinge about the company at every opportunity..

I know plenty of X drivers that are making it work for them. Sure they've had some interesting experiences but many seem to be doing pretty well.

I am however concerned about them flooding the market that will then kill the ability to earn good coin..

Some of your points above are fairly common sense.. your DUI from 20 years ago would not come up even if the police did their standard checks.
Also - picking up people, of course you can do it on behalf of, many people do it, I'm doing it tonight for my partner.. Who gives a shit?

I think your negativity is of personal experience and whilst some may sympathise or agree, I know many drivers who've had the opposite.

Kinda disappointing to see more whinge posts.. If you're an ex driver, maybe time to move on..
Whinge....Really?...... but then you have said that you don't drive your own car ....and you don't drive UberX.... so I'm not sure what qualifies you to comment on the topic of UberX...?

And you say you are only interested in making "good coin" so I guess being an Uber Fan boi means you don't give a shit about Uber sucking Tax Free Profit out of our country.....or that the only way Uber could operate successfully is because our Tax dollars were used to build the infrastructure (roads, lighting, cleaning etc) that Uber uses to generate their income. ...but pays nothing in GST or income tax on the millions they have generated by skimming their 20% through an overseas based collection app ... or did you skip over that bit and think it was a whinge as well?

Personally, no I don't give a shit if Johnny ******** calls an Uber for his mate. .. the example (if you read it) was to counter the Uber Spin in the email they wanted me to "forward" their bullshit under my name to promulgate their interests to my local politician... I. E. Parts 2 & 3 of their corporate strategy to politically sway/influence the decision making process by using "Canon fodder" that are duped into thinking that every $ they earn is "income". ..and that receiving a 10% increase in fares (per km) offsets the cost/time/effort of collecting GST....

Negative experiences.......? Again you assume wrongly . .. personally I had a few (very minor) negative experiences and nothing I couldn't handle with words ... on the whole I enjoyed the social aspect and ability to make some extra "beer money" ... I also maintained a 4.85+ rating during my time driving and made on average $20-$30/hr (gross) .....once I worked out the "game" and how it was played. ...

What I came to recognise/identify over the course of my interaction with Uber (and observation of our more experienced East Coast and US UP.net contributors) was that this corporation had one goal,. ... and it had nothing to do with the altruistic notion that they wanted to provide 20,000+ jobs to unemployed Australians. .... and nothing to do with improving the Taxi Industry, .

...All they are interested in is maximising Tax Free PROFIT... not that there is anything wrong with that per Se....

.. it is just how they go about being deceptive, telling half truths, advocating that they have the driver's back when in reality. .. if they truly did ...they would have worked out an honest/transparent insurance system for UberX drivers to ensure they didn't risk losing the one asset that they were required to have to join as a "partner" ....

If they really "believed" in providing a quality alternative to taxis they would market Ubet X as an affordable premium alternative that cost about the same as a Taxi... (not 50% less) ...inc GST... that would then allow for "good coin" to fund the additiobal cost of semi commercial insurance, water, mints, detailing, maintenance, quality tyres/brakes/shocks etc

My decision to stop was based mostly on the Risk vs the (potential) Reward and partly on the realisation that this company is raping the Average Aussie by exploiting their disappointment in the Taxi Industry and using the lure of "easy money" to attract good, but unsuspecting/trusting/naive, people to willingly risk their family cars (most have no idea their insurance is not valid for "hire or reward"), their primary source of income (no workers comp) their clean criminal record (WA D.O.T. has hired PI's to sting Uber X drivers) and their ignorance of Taxation rules (do you or I really have any idea how many drivers are not registered for GST .... but still driving. ?)

So move on... nah... I reckon the more people that make waves and bring the spotlight on to corporate bullshit and manipulation of pax, drivers, the media and politicians ....the more likely they will be brought to account and stop taking the piss.

So thanks for your concern, but I'll decide when it is time to move on ..cheers.
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