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Sorry to say but your email reads like a pissed off disgruntled uberx driver who just wants to ***** and whinge about the company at every opportunity..

I know plenty of X drivers that are making it work for them. Sure they've had some interesting experiences but many seem to be doing pretty well.

I am however concerned about them flooding the market that will then kill the ability to earn good coin..

Some of your points above are fairly common sense.. your DUI from 20 years ago would not come up even if the police did their standard checks.
Also - picking up people, of course you can do it on behalf of, many people do it, I'm doing it tonight for my partner.. Who gives a shit?

I think your negativity is of personal experience and whilst some may sympathise or agree, I know many drivers who've had the opposite.

Kinda disappointing to see more whinge posts.. If you're an ex driver, maybe time to move on..
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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