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As we all know (or should know), Uber's upfront pricing charges more to pax than it pays to drivers. This is because (as the rideshare guy proved - google "how to beat ubers upfront pricing") Uber calculates upfront pricing based on the least efficient route.

Heh heh...

Had pax today on Lyft tell me he usually uses Lyft because their prices are usually lower. Now, as we all know (or should know), Lyft prices are now identical to Uber or slightly higher. And Lyft also surges more often than Uber. So, why would Lyft "usually be cheaper"?

I wonder.

I then took a pax from lower manhattan to canarsie. "Take the Manhattan Bridge", she told me. Google Maps suggested the Belt, which wouodve doubled the price. I almost pointed out that with upfront pricing it doesnt matter, but then I remembered I was doing Lyft, which doesnt use upfront pricing.

I wonder why she preferred Lyft?

... Indeed, I wonder.
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