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Uber Truck

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Hi all,
Did anyone drive for uber with a truck? Uber truck will be an uberx or uber select? Thank
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Since it can only fit 4 passengers, it will only be considered as UberX.
That answer is 100% correct
Thank u for y'all information.
Could I ask when I recieve a request from rider in surge area, But when I pick up pax , there is no surge anymore, so does that trip still count surge price or normal price? Thanks again
When you accept the ping, there will be an annotation of the surge if there is one. Also if I recall you can click on the rider info and it will indicate the Pax accepted the surge price.
If the Pax accepted the surge, you should get the surge fare.
As I understand it, however I stand to be corrected.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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