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Notx. You have truly summarised my sentiments and thank you.
I am a similar 43 yo uber x driver that did it for the extra money. Was nice to have an uber fri and sat nights instead of getting drunk at a pub.
Don't get me wrong I have a great job but the pocket money was tempting.
With the aug 1 tax changes I have decided to stop driving. The insurance risks far outweighed any money I was making. The ato paperwork is not worth my time.
Surely uber is following the group and just wanted them to know that a lot of the decent and sensible people have seen the writing on the wall. I for one will not be driving my new Mazda 3 anymore. Pity I missed the compliments I always got about my car !
Uber wake up before it's too late. You will be left with drivers willing to take on big risk including driving dangerously in cheap cars worth a grand or two to make the numbers ! And in 6 months customers will rather walks from st kilda to chapel st !
1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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