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Uber to produce free in-car magazine for riders called ‘Arriving Now’

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merkurfan said:
who in their right mind would pay for that garbage?
Oh... current uber drivers... Since your an IC you can opt out right????? /s
No. Send Uber drivers 50 copies each (printed w/"first edition"); the drivers ad a tag of $1 to each one. Walla! $50 in the drivers' pockets.

Did anyone get the humor? "First Edition" -- That could be worth something one day. :oops:
MrBear said:
I'm going to put a page in the book that educates people that to tip is fine and recomened
Type up an official-looking card and insert the "blow-in" in the book. Blow-ins are the subscription cards that fall out of magazines for those not in the know (like I was until 3 minutes ago.)
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