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Uber launched the new 'tip and rate during your ride' on the passenger side of the app. Well I added a $20 tip with five stars during my ride today.

Guess what, Uber simply didn't process it, no confirmation on my side, no reciept.

I tried again $30 but nothing came through.

Seriously I ordered a ride for a friend who was a lousy PAXhole so I felt obligated to take care of the driver.

Heads up ya'll.

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I did taxi driving for a while in NYC. I miss those days when everything was so transparent. Everything was right infront of my eyes, and I the driver would process everything, and even ask for signature of the passenger in case the card transaction was more than $100.
And I would keep printouts of all my trips during the day, in case the taxi garage would mess around with me, which they never did, ever!!!!
Uber is just not transparent, I can't trust Uber, for reasons like this. It is just software, it can do anything, hidden from the driver's eyes. That's why I have no hopes for tips, unless I get cash tips.
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