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Uber tech glitch logged as improper use of app

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I don’t know if anyone else has had this issue, but my app was glitching and Uber logged it as my improper use of the app and suspended my instant pay and rescinded my bonus. I spoke to 4 different representatives and recorded the phone calls and they just kept opening cases and sending me canned messages to close the case. I told them I had photos as well and they basically gave me the run around. One representative said that although glitches like that happen their system did not pick it up which is scary for a tech company handling millions of people’s information. So this week I ended up driving 60 hours, making $915, $240 of which goes to rental fees and $200 to gas, so I drove for 60 hours to make $475. Has anyone else experienced similar glitches that their system did not catch? I start school in a few months and now I’m scrambling to pay rent.


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Congratulations. You made less than minimum wage for your 60 hours. At $7.50 per hour even without time and a half for overtime, you would have had $450.
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