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Uber sues St. Louis Taxicab Commission, launches service without approval

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The cost for fingerprinting in Houston is $45, and the driver pays it.

Uber says St. Louis was the largest metropolitan area in the country not to allow UberX, an app-based ride-hailing service in which drivers use their own cars to ferry passengers.

How I would word the description of UberX.
. . . where drivers, who are independent contractors using their own cars, utilize Uber's app-based
ride-hailing technology to taxi passengers. . .

Uber states it is just a technology company, and their drivers are independent contractors. Leave Uber out of the discussion. Anyone who operates a vehicle-for-hire shall be fingerprinted. TNCs are no different than taxis.

If a driver is stopped for good reason w/o pax and the UBER trade dress is displayed, wouldn't the officer be able to cite the driver for driving w/o the required commercial liability insurance? With pax I understand the officer could cite for operating as a taxi w/o a permit.

I believe part of the issue is that unless Uber is involved there is no good way for the city to collect any taxes. In Houston it's 2%. It gets added on the top and taken off just like the SRF. It would be impossible for the city to collect it from the broke ass drivers at the end of the year (most wouldn't even know about it and might not be driving anymore or even live here).

Since everything is done through the app if the city wants a cut they have to involve Uber.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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