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Uber sues St. Louis Taxicab Commission, launches service without approval

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LA Cabbie said:
I wonder who coined the termblitzkrieg
The Germans during WWII. It was a term for short campaigns.
F-uber said:
Why don't they just deduct the minimal charge from the driver sign up bonus, or just pay the thing?
1.Uber does not want to admit its background checks are missing people who should not transport people.
2. Uber believes that because a person uses his own car to transport people for money, he should not be subject to the same rules a taxi is. (A driver who uses his own car as a taxi is called an owner/operator.)
3. Fingerprinting, so says Uber, lowers the number of people who want to drive.
4. Uber prides itself in being able to keep the names of its drivers confidential and keeping local entities in the dark about how many drivers it currently has in a certain area. Fingerprinting would allow St Louis to know how many drivers are on the road using the Uber app as well as their names.

RE: Payment
The driver could incur the cost upfront ($45) just like we do in Houston.

It seems there is no way to block Uber from turning on the app before the results of the fingerprinting are complete.
Hackenstei said:
These guys seem like literal Nazis . . .
To whom were you referring when you said, "guys"? I do not understand you question.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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