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UBER STRIKE 2015 the only link that matters

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Tired of below min wage? Tired of having no tip option? Tired of massively rich Silicon Valley types getting richer off your hard work while you get poorer. Then you might be interested in http://www.offthepath.org/uberstrike/index.php

It's a 21century way of getting the message across. Using technology to become one and fighting for workers rights. As times change we to must adapt how we protest unfair treatment. We have the right to stand up for a livable wage for an honest day's work. We have the right to demand better! I ask all of you to really think..does Uber care about me? Do they care about my family, my well being, if I can provide for myself and kids. Uber as we all know has brought great positive change to many, but we the drivers are left out. Uber doesn't care about you or your family or how little they can pay you. Uber cares only for themselves my friends. They have been curupted by a lost for greed and have let it blind them to the average mans crys for help. We have fought through rate cut after rate cut. We have done a good job and put a smile on our face and offered those mints even though inside we were hurting. My friends, suffer no more! The time has come where we can unite as one under one banner #UberStrike 2015 it's here it's now. Join in and stand up for a better tomorrow:) http://www.offthepath.org/uberstrike/index.php
Did you create that site/forum? If you did, you're either working for Uber or a snitch. If you didn't, then, can I borrow your SSN, DOB and mother's maiden name?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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