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I'd totally use it.

They'd be nice, clean, polite, helpful, patient, courteous, friendly and give terrific service and for about half the price you'd pay at a street corner for an older model, smelling of smoke and being rude to the customer.

I'm still an UBER rider because it's a great value, but I've stopped being a driver after about 4 months because it's clear that UBER management don't have a clue about marketing their service. They're happy to provide a vastly superior service at around half the price of a taxi because it's MY time and resources they're giving away!

Example: recently they've been pushing hard to get drivers in Greenville, SC to go to Clemson (a college town about 45 minutes away) on game days. So I did.


7 rides in 3 hours.
Average time to locate riders outside a busy football stadium at full time...13 minutes.
Highest fare ... $8.94
Number of times riders tried to stuff more than 4 people in my car...7
Number of riders who just wanted me to take them down the street to their car...3
Calculating my vehicle costs as $35/mile, the amount I made for the day ... -$8.67 (yep, that's MINUS $8.67 after driving 45 minutes each way to get to Clemson)
Number of times I'll repeat this experience ... 0

This is by no means my first or only experience of being screwed by UBER's ridiculous pricing and lack of opportunity to collect tip.

UBER on!
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