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Uber scamming hard working drivers paying less than the mileage

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All you guys do is troll under concerns shows how much of an “adult” you are.
You joined the Forum 22 hours ago. Did you look at the previous conversations, or do you believe you’re such an original, revolutionary thinker that you’re bringing something completely unnoticed and never discussed to our attention? That’s cute.

Here’s athought: read afew threads to see what’s been discussed. I started reading theforum a full half-year BEFORE I ever took my first trip. There’s A LOT of really smart people here. And a bazillion of threads showing offers way crappier than yours.

Hence my question: what exactly were you trying to achieve posting the obvious? What’s your purpose?
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Look how miserable you are sad ass lil kid your energy says alot that you feed off negativity and that will be your downfall :)
Wow, you’re spot-on! You’re really, really smart and obviously extremely analytical. You will be a GREAT success in whatever you do. I can tell.
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You can’t type good English, either. 😏
1 - 4 of 15 Posts