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Distrust but verify. They could be legit. I think they are subcontractors. I either texted or talked to one, long ago, and it was pretty benign. I had a complaint (imagine that) so if their goal was to ask my mother's maiden name or anything, we never got that intimate.

Being from an unknown number or lack of caller ID these says, doesn't amount to jack spit.

Since when does being from a random number mean scam? I get all sorts of OBVIOUS official texts at unique numbers each time, from Uber, Lyft, a temp agency I applied at long ago. For a long time I got voice mails from the (State of) Illinois about job fairs--I blocked each number but each time they used a new one.

I can get phone calls from a number JUST LIKE MY OWN except a couple digits are reversed....please don't think I pick up these calls because I don't. A (312) call could be from a friend in California, and a (619) phone call might be from your customer down the block, who has lived in that neighborhood for 8 years and got his phone in San Diego 9 years ago.

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Dear moderators, I'm with @Ad nauseam (I think) ; get rid of this auto-merge crap.

Trip down memory lane/For the young-ens:

For a few decades there, consumers could look at area codes and the following three digits (the exchange) and narrow down the caller's origin point to a very small geographic area. This time has looooong passed. If you didn't know one by heart, you could find it in the phone book--something in just about every kitchen in America.

(For a long time, area codes were only needed if you dialed to another area code. In the 70's, when we first moved to the suburbs, we could dial phone numbers in our own area with just the last five digits. So, 815-567-1234 was reached with 7-1234.)

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What's the difference? You can be sure that if you are talking to a real Uber employee, you are talking to a scammer. But they don't need your personal info, they take their unfair share right out of your pay on the system.
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