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Recently we were emailed by Uber drivers complaining about how long it takes the company to answer an email. Sometimes situations arise with a fare and the drivers needs some real time guidance. Well instead of just calling Uber the drivers have to email the company and on average it takes three to five days to receive a text back. Can you imagine in 2014 asking or emailing a colleague or supervisor a question and having to wait three days for a response? That’s just inappropriate and outrageous! What kind of support team are they running over there and that’s with its own employees. Uber isn’t kidding when they say be your own boss. One driver stated ‘it’s like being on an Island’ I can’t imagine this being possible with a so called tech company. One third of those responded stated that they never even received an email back.

Things even get worse some drivers state. When the drivers can’t answer a question/problem their fare is having, the rider sometimes give the drivers a low rating. A couple of these low rating will cause the driver to be deactivated, the Uber driver will lose a lot of his income or possibly be terminated permanently from the program.

Another problem seems to be that Uber, for a tech company, their computer glitches are frequent and ridiculous. The companies network goes offline and some drivers accounts are automatically deactivated which has to be very frustrating. I guess you can chalk this up to explosive growth without the necessary support that should go with it. I’ll just ended it with one of the emails we received…

“Extremely low-rated back & forth service, unresolved!!

Uber-Rasier Extremely unprofessional, irresponsible . RATE THE WORST COMPANY FOR CUSTOMER CARE! plagued by bad customer service Uber-Rasier company left DRIVERS & customers fuming poor service. The UberRasier is #1 Most Frustrating Company In America reputation to WORK AS A DRIVER.”

I guess that sums it up nicely!
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