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Uber Says 40% of London Drivers Would Fail TfL English Exams
Bloomberg - by Patrick Gower February 28, 2017

Uber Technologies Inc. attacked London rules that require drivers to have basic English skills, telling a court that 40 percent of London's private-hire chauffeurs would fail the exams.

The tests are part of a wider package of "disproportionate and irrational" measures introduced by Transport for London that include round-the-clock call centers and requirements for drivers to be insured to carry passengers at all times, whether working or not, Uber's lawyer Thomas de la Mare said at a hearing Tuesday. The company expects 23,000 drivers to fail the English tests each year.

The rules will impose substantial costs and "are likely to have an unjustifiably severe impact," de la Mare said in court filings prepared for the hearing. "Such a dramatic reduction in driver numbers will in time have a material impact on private-hire vehicle fares and therefore on consumers."

San Francisco-based Uber has fought with regulators around the globe over the technology that traditional taxi companies say threatens their existence. In London, Uber won a suit against TfL over the use of its app as a taxi meter before losing a suit brought by drivers seeking employment rights including the minimum wage and holiday pay.

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Hmmm. I also believe 95% of uber excutives dont know how to change a tire
I hope not. He better be training on our new F-35's. We can't afford to have that billion dollar bird sitting on the ground.
let's not do that either.. if you want him to play with some military equipment let drive a tank... in in the middle of a desert, with nothing around for miles...

What's the worst that can happen?
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wheel Gas Tire

Nevermind.. that's the worst that can happen...
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