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MCO regulations for Uber partners
Per MCO regulations, drivers must adhere to the terms below. Failure to do so may result in a citation or arrest.

  • Currently, only licensed livery partners can pick up riders from airport grounds. Uber takes this regulation very seriously and so should partners-Uber partners are at risk of being arrested if they pick up a passenger from the MCO grounds.
  • All ride pickups must occur in the Express Pickup Tunnel
  • uberX, XL, uberFAMILY, and SELECT partners are all permitted to drop riders off anywhere at the airport
  • Non-permitted partners are not allowed to pick up passengers inside any part of the airport grounds-this includes any airport hotels, businesses, airport terminals, parking lots, or roads contained within the airport grounds
Required documents
  • driver's license
  • driver ID permit
  • commercial vehicle insurance
  • vehicle for hire driving permit
  • V-permit decal (issued by airport)

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Uber taking regulations seriously? That's a first.
Let's me translate, Uber to English.

We still want you to pick up at MCO, we've told riders to set the pin off the airport property and call you with their location and description. Hide your phones and greet riders as family, if you get caught you are on your own, we will deactivate you and tell the authorities we warned you. Now go, those .65c/mile trips are waiting!
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