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From dallas business journal

San Francisco-based ride sharing service Uber is rolling out a new feature that allows event planners to buy rides for their guests, the company said in a blog post[/URL].

The new feature, dubbed UberEvents, is currently in testing mode in San Francisco. Uber, which operates throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, said it hopes it will be used for events like weddings and company parties.

"We want to make the experience of planning transportation logistics as seamless as ordering a ride at the touch of button," said the company. "Starting today we are excited to offer select riders and Uber for Business users beta access to our latest feature UberEvents."

Users first create their event at u b e r d t com, then receive their guest passes via email, which they then send along to each guest. Once received, guests enter the code from the passes into their Uber app and receive a free ride to the party.

The company said UberEvents would allow planners to customize their guest passes per event by setting a maximum value for each ride, as well as the number of rides they'd like each guest pass to be valid for. It is one more attempt by the company to differentiate itself from the cab industry, by offering customizable services.
I think next up will be allowing people to reserve drivers for trips to the airport .
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