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I will start with the joys first - its shorter.

· Amusing and animated pax's - great way to start the day

· The Pax who make me laugh, always a good thing at any time of the day

· Ones who are passionate about what they do and how they live their lives

· The sheer diversity of people's lives

· The pax who really try to help you out by being considerate

· The charming gentlemen

· The delightful girls, who share their date stories and joys

· The women/girls who really appreciate having a women driver

· The things I have learnt

· The appreciative respectful pax

· Pax that are genuinely interested in learning about Uber from a driver's perspective.

I must be getting jaded, or maybe I don't earn enough to put up with the nonsense - the pet peeves are longer

· Seatbelts - yes they have been compulsory since 1971, not budging till you put it on.

· Pax too lazy to put destination in and expect you to put it in whilst driving -don't budge till you put it in or stop, pull over, enter address, the clock is ticking.

· Destination - now which country will I get this week? Paris, London, Cape Town, or maybe Inner Mongolia. Sounds fine to me the pax is paying. Just moment whilst I turn the car into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I put on my magical water wings

· Perfume & after shave that leaves you gasping & reaching for a gas mask. Global ban on Lynx.

· The pax who follows your entire route on their phone via Google maps. Then rates you badly, as it did not follow Google's route, cause you use Waze instead.

· Sick people coughing, spluttering & snivelling all over you - really and you want me to close my window and not spray Glen 20 all over you. Don't tempt me.

· Pax's lack of personal hygiene - it really helps if they wash occasionally, add a sprinkle of deodorant and put on clean clothes.

· The young guys (always them) who slam the front seat back, adjust the back and leave it that way when they get out. Sorry but my seats have major electronics in them. Have some respect.

· The missing pax. "The Where's Wally game". One didn't even know where he was, and how in heavens name do you think I am going to find you. Yep, I am a physic and a bloodhound in disguise.

· The pick up on George St (or any major city street) at peak hour ("The Where's Wally game") and yep the pin is at the bus stop. How thoughtful of the pax. Not risking my life, abuse, accident or a fine, I am at the nearest side street, if you care to walk, if not, 5 mins and cancel.

· Luggage: on the seats!! Excuse me this is my personal car, I have a very large boot where luggage goes. Big burly, very rude guy, wanted me to lift his luggage which he could barely lift. Sorry, Uber does not pay for my spinal surgery. P....

· In second place has to be the location pin - impossible places to stop, let alone safely, National Parks, lot numbers, the middle of expressways, Sydney Harbour - yes really, two streets/blocks away are common, back lanes, streets not even in the nav systems and the list goes on. Tell me what is so hard about putting in your address correctly and checking it . . Love getting the calls/texts saying "where are you?" ..... at the address you put in, idiot!. Then they expect you to go find them after waiting for them. Pax no show and move on.

· My all time favourite - the text message saying that they will be down in a minute. You can almost bet your bottom dollar it won't be a minute or even two. As soon as I get that text message I am on serious countdown. Do they really think that you will wait because they sent you a text message? Generally this is a Gen Y female (having a wardrobe wobbly, or a mascara meltdown) and the minute blows out to 5 or 10 minutes if you are stupid enough to hang around that long. Pax no show and move on.

For those that missed out on the joys of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang book & movie a photo is embedded. Anyone have the recipe for the chocolate fudge from the book - please share, it was amazing.

Please feel free to share your joys and peeves.


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Another trend to add to pet peeves: Furniture removals

Heading to a booking and the lady calls me, "I have some bags and a single bed, can you fit it" Really o_O
Sorry I am a Uber driver and I move people, not furniture.

This is not the first time that this has happened that they want you to take their furniture. Unbelievable. Cancel.
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