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Yeah. Love the different stories. The diversity of riders. The enthusiasm and excitement, especially that of the 20-somethings heading out on the town. Seeing the occasional sunrise when I would otherwise be sleeping soundly tucked up warmly in bed ;)

I guess I haven't been driving long enough (or late enough?) to have a plethora of badly behaved riders.

I do agree about them having to wear seatbelts. Not moving until they're ALL on! Luckily my car shows which are plugged in and which are not.

I'm not as fussed about the destination being entered "in-advance". If they want to give directions then all good. Otherwise I enter it myself: the clock is ticking.

No smelly or sick riders yet. Phew! But I do need to get some airline sick bags: just in-case ...

I don't care if they follow the trip on Google Maps as I use it myself. But I don't appreciate being rated down for a slow trip when they instruct me to take the non-toll route through the centre of the city!

Yeah. I'm finding dodgy pick-up spots more & more annoying. Automatic 1-star deduction from their possible 5-star rating for that. George St is the classic nightmare! But asking us to stop in a "No Stopping" zone is right up there.

The location pin in not only a different suburb but several suburbs away is the classic. I had a pick-up in Woollahra recently. Pity she was actually in Redfern! Oh well. No show. But sometimes I feel generous and go hunting for them. I know, I'm a sucker.

My favourite is similar to yours: a rider ordered me on a crazy busy Saturday night. 12min drive out to Woolwich. Middle of nowhere! Didn't answer his phone on arrival. He did ring a few minutes later only to inform me they'll be at least another 10min. Really? OK. I'll wait (I was feeling generous) if you don't mind me starting the clock. "Aaaah. In that case you better cancel", so he tells me. What? I foolishly cancelled but didn't get the fee because I hit the wrong button after cancelling. Bugger! I won't make that same mistake again. Next time I'll wait 5min and then do a "No show". K*
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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