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Just got back from the Support Center. Had to go out there due to the incompetent tards never sending me the new trade dress for back window. 20 fresh new drivers, half could not speak any English well. One Asian fellow had a greasy pizza box for his briefcase. A very tall older gentleman could of used several baths. Some guy trying to talk real bad about Uber to these new drivers. I figure maybe one or two will survive the rest will be just be meat for the grinder. Basic rules for life Shower and do not smell disgusting.

The Uber employees sure have it nice with all kinds of nice things at the center. Maybe they should scale the nice back a few notches so us actual Partners are happy. I do not ask for much, No Pool, and respect, not much to ask for. But as I have learned with this Company that is asking for too much. I feel bad for these new drivers with their thoughts of making vast amounts of cash. Lots of formerly new Xchange leases are being dished out to the next flock of Xchange fools. Xchange is the Mortgage Crisis of the auto world the only person being burned is the person trying to Uber to pay for it.
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When I went and signed up, there was 2 gals infront of me finishing with their stuff and the gal that was signing up had to use sign language to communicate.

I honestly didn't know how that would go with their only formal way of communication with PAX was ASL. I know a few food delivery people who primarily use ASL and that works A LOT better for them then anything else.
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