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I want to give a warning to new uber drivers out there about scam promotions that uber is running. Uber is in a habit of deleting promotions half-way, incentivizing drivers to work on accumulating as many rides as possible. Then just when the promotion amount is about to collected, it goes away.

This has happened over and over again on this forum. Drivers in California, Florida, other US states as well as Canadian cities have experienced this. Customer service support ignores, provides no reasons or feedback, even though they know we have screenshots because they think they can get away with these fraudulent practices.

One example, my friend Josh was driving uber last week. Basically the promotion in Toronto was 50 rides and receive $70 bonus, then 20 rides on Friday and Saturday to receive the remaining $70. Josh said he accomplished the 50 rides and was ready to start again on Friday, but then when he opened the app on Friday the promotion for the weekend completely changed. It went into 70 rides for $140 for 2 days. Basically uber incentized him to run the promotion for 5 days and the last 2 days changed it completely.

In the day and age when gas prices are running high, I warn all uber drivers to think twice and remember to screenshot any promotions uber is running so you have backup.

I will also be posting this on reddit, twitter and other social media forums. My post is also screen-shot for proof in case uber deletes this. Which they probably will.
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