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Uber Pool

I picked up an Uber pool the other night...
I was hesitant when I got the call, because it was in front a dark and shuttered shopping mall.

Two, Ultra European 20-something gentlemen get in… and one blurts out, in a pretty thick accent… "Go to the corner of Finger and Puppet!" (street names are changed to protect the innocent)

I quietly walk-shamed, these clearly foreign gentlemen, on their pool ride, to their car a scant two miles away.

Our trip was blanketed in utter silence. I was bummed because there was no way this trip was going to net me > $3 US for my 10 minutes of altruism, and I am selfishly kiiiinnnda doing this for the money.

I had NPR on lightly in the background, so they would know I was an old fart and not to be trifled with.

They didn't speak a word to me… Or each other.

In their silence I started to get creeped out…

I was starting to get a serial killer(s) vibe. Or however they prefer to self-identify.

When we arrived at their location, past midnight, it all made sense…
I then felt simultaneously their shame and my relief... the police impound-yard was still open for business.

Sometimes an Uber Pool
Is just an Uber Pool

written, but not dictated, read or thought about,

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