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With much excitement I am happy to announce the future of Uber in Australia.

After extensive consultations with Uber, the RTA, Sydney City Council, State and Federal governments, approval has been granted to roll out the future of Uber in Australia and globally with their new Uber Pool vehicles.

Further, I have exclusively obtained the global distribution rights to these very economical vehicles which seat nine people including driver. Why waste money on conventional vehicles when you can choose from an extensive range of vehicles to suit your business model.

Also available are Uber Eats, Uber Drinks, Uber Sleep, Uber Pets, Uber Children and Uber Safari vehicles. This is a great chance to personalize (at additional cost) your very own exclusive vehicle.

Also available exclusively to UP Forum members, for a short time only, are Uber Black vehicles. Step up a class with these LUX vehicles.

Please send payment of $100 for the full and extensive colour catalogue via Western Union to the Cayman Islands account (which is really in Nigeria). Steak knives also come with every catalogue ordered. o_O

Be the envy of your neighbours and other Uber Drivers.

Uber Pool

Uber Black

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