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Just read this new article and i ain't signing up for this

Uber begins trialling carrying pets in Sydney and Brisbane
Uber has begun piloting carrying pets in its ride share cars in Sydney and Brisbane.Uber has begun piloting carrying pets in its ride share cars in Sydney and Brisbane.
Uber yesterday rolled out Uber Pet which lets riders take an animal with them on trips.
A company spokesperson said the service would be piloted initially in Sydney and Brisbane, adding it is up to drivers to decide to carry pets in their cars.
However, drivers remain under a legal obligation to carry service animals and you don't need to specifically request Uber Pet for that.

Uber Pet is a long way from where the company was in 2014 when it faced a class action by the National Federation of the Blind's California chapter in the US for refusing to take guide dogs in cars. It eventually settled.
There are useful scenarios for a service like this: it's an emergency, your cat is ill and you need to get to the vet and don't have a car. You want to take your dog to a boarding facility or somewhere different for walking.
Uber Pet is a new option in the Uber app and the company charges $6 to $7 on top of an UberX charge.
Animal lovers who don't have a car may relish this service but there are a few points to be aware of.
You are limited to one pet per trip, and it's primarily for dogs and cats, however Uber acknowledges that "pets come in all shapes and sizes - furry, feathered or scaly".
But don't count on taking your pet snake, bird, baby kangaroo or spider in an Uber.
"Remember that you are fully responsible for controlling your furry friend while on the trip. Your driver always has the right to refuse animals they deem unsafe or uncontrolled."
Uber "strongly encourages" passengers to use a cage or a leash. Uber says you won't be charged a cleaning fee if the pet leaves behind animal odour or some pet fare. That's part of the service.
But while it insures passengers during rides, it doesn't insure pets. That factor might come into play if your dog wants to have a piece of the driver.
Also, you are liable for any mess left behind. "If your pet has an accident where car cleaning is necessary (urine, faeces, vomit, damage, etc.) you will need to pay a cleaning fee," says Uber.
In the US the cleaning fee has proved contentious. One post on Reddit recounts a dispute between an Uber driver and a passenger who took a cat he was fostering home from a vet clinic.
"Everything in the ride went fine, and the driver was even asking me about the cat, who was asleep as he had just been neutered," the passenger wrote.
"Saturday, I went to check my bank balance and noticed it was way lower than expected. And bam, there it was, a $150 charge from Uber, separate from the $17 charge for the ride. Turns out they are claiming the cat peed in the car??"
Some users recommend bringing a blanket to reduce the risk of damage. A muzzle might be a good idea if there is any possibility of your dog attacking the driver.
You might be a model passenger, but you might lose your prized 5-star Uber rating if your animal misbehaves.
Drivers will no doubt aim to keep cars fur free and smelling clean but over time constant pet use may take its toll.

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