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Uber Perth driver partners: does Uber Australia tell you that uberX driving is illegal?

As at today (October 5th, 2015), there is no state or territory in Australia where driving for uberX is a legal activity. Illegal activities are not 'authorised', they are in fact prohibited.

What exactly does Uber Australia tell uberX drivers? Does it tell drivers that uberX is illegal?

Perhaps forum members would like to share their experience with others. Prospective uberX drivers reading this deserve fair warning about exactly what they are signing up for.

Putting the media to one side, this forum remains the main outlet for uberX drivers to tell the truth about Uber and its business practices.

So, on behalf of all those considering signing up with Uber:

Do uberX drivers set out to break laws and regulations? Or does Uber Perth mislead them about these matters when drivers sign up?

Wake Up Australia.
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