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From your experience do you prefer to use the Uber Partner app on Android device or iPhone?

Uber Partner app on Android vs iPhone

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Just started driving less than a week ago but I've read several different threads in this forum and it sounds like the Uber Partner app is a lot better on the Android platform than on IOS. True or False?
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When it come to Android, it depends on which device you purchase. I have a Sony Xperia running Android and it outperforms the iPhone.

If you get a cheap device with Android, the app won't run as smoothly.
I believe key is core memory, either platform. Uber & Google map (or waze) suck it up & use a lot of cache. Had an Android with 1G core memory .... Was a dog, constantly needing a reboot. Now use another with 2G & have no issues.
Yup! It's all about the processor and RAM.

I get a blank stare explaining that to people. I just tell them to go with Apple where the only options are color and memory.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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