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That whole org is just wired to produce fails. I had the one happen today where a pax disputes a legitimate cancel. It's Uber's call to retain these clients on their platform (by giving in to them), but in this case the Filipino template picker passed the bill thru to me (i.e. reversed the $10 cancel fee I am owed). No way, Jose..
5 emails later that didn't resolve squat I went to the DMV the Uber Westwood office cause I finally had it. I found out later even though they promised to fix it they didn't. But more revealing, when I asked the girl to make a note on my account that this was a clerical error, and to make sure not to repeat it, she said:" well, we can't guarantee that". In organizational speak: this is a company that has internalized a defeatist culture of "we're a failing organization, and we can live with that". Kalanick ought to be fired for that, not because he may be a ******bag (most execs are in some way), but because he's a failed CEO.
Take LAX. Here Uber's worked so hard to get Garcetti to strongarm the council, and he did, and they had MONTHS to prep the backend to get the Xes into LAX the moment it became legal. So was Uber ready? It's been weeks already, and will be many more: they're unprepared, inept, and way in over their heads, with everything. And I guarantee you this: when they first roll their LAX solution out, it will be an unmitigated disaster: clown train, next stop comin' up.

Speaking of LAX: when they finally do get a working solution to open it up to all Ubers, I think us non-livery Plus Select drivers will actually be negatively impacted (I only drive Plus Select). That's because I think the Xes will crowd out some of the Blacks/Plus/roaches out of airport duty, and they'll try to compensate by going into wider LA and make the Select congestion elsewhere even worse. On the other hand, I can't see myself doing airport duty (and sit in a pen), so my pie's not getting any bigger. Let's agree to disagree..
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i get the feeling that glados has transformed.
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