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Yeah a strong attack against someone who is just trying to level the playing field.
I always chuckle when I hear this. Why does everyone think you have to regulate Uber to level the playing field? Has anyone ever thought about de-regulating the taxi industry? If the taxi companies complain they have to do this and that and Uber doesn't, why not stop requiring the extra hoops? This will also "Level the Playing Field". I realize there are some very good rules, but there are many that are BS to discourage competition and raise money for the local governments.

As far as caring for the safety of the passengers, this is total BS also. If they cared about the safety of the passengers then demand the drivers do their job better. Instead of requiring more insurance, hold the drivers up to a higher standard. Actually enforce the long haul rules. Limit the number of speeding tickets they can get in a time span. Drivers cited for reckless driving should be suspended or fired out right depending on the circumstances. If they want professional drivers, then create an actual driving class with practical experience, not just a certificate anyone with $50.00 can buy.

If there were really professional drivers out there, accidents would go down and this would alleviate the need for so much insurance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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