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if your part time and only doing it to get 100-200 extra every week or even less. paying for fbi background check sucks cause they would be required so it would be 45 same rate as cab drivers pay before you even start. As far as uber they have 13k drivers easily in vegas so 13k × 45 would be 585,000 just for background checks plus the cost of drug test which are about 40 if im not mistaken add that to the 50+ drivers they get daily it's alot of money. would be awesome for drivers as it would cut alot of drivers from doing uber or lyft. And before any of the cab drivers say anything about it cab companies only pay for the drug test and they only do yhem when you start or have a really bad accident. I worked for ycs about 4 years and only I tested the time I applied to be a driver.
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