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Uber not paying for correct time?

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I had a ride tonight that Uber states was 16 minutes. I started the trip when they got in the car, and I didn't end it until they got out. The problem is that it took the guy about 15 minutes to get his drunk girlfriend out of my car. I have video showing they were in my car for about 31 minutes. I'm not angry at him because he apologized a lot, and more importantly, gave me everything in his wallet ($28). But I am pissed off at the idea that I'm not getting paid correctly for my time.

Does Uber just guess the times? Or do they stop any timers when you arrive, even if you haven't ended the trip? What the hell's going on here??

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Yea but when they rip off everyone who drives World wide for $1.50... Its a million dollar earnings shave.

Report them to the ftc So they don't get away with it.

Start tracking your milage and time as you accept and drop off rides. And when you notice that are shaving your milage And time, instead of just complaining to uber Support, file a complaint to ftc. That way that get the point that they can not get away with all of this fraud.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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