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Hello All,

This is for the drivers (mostly part time) who want the ability to remove and attach uber/lyft emblems with out
dealing with sticky tapes every time they go online .

What you need
1) Super magnets (2 for each emblem)
2) Flexible Magnetic tape with Adhesive
3) Any transparent tape (3M is preferred)
4) Laminate your emblem
1) Laminate your emblems and airport card ,i did at fedex for a $8
2) Buy Super magnets and Flexible Magnetic tape , I bought from local home-depot (see attached photos)
3) First attach super-magnet to Flexible Magnetic tape
4) Now stick this Tape (along with super-magnet) to from windshield and back windshield as specified in the
trade-dress requirements
5) Then stick Flexible Magnetic tape to back of Emblem
6) when every you go online just put the emblem ,once you are done take it off (magnetic action)

That's it this is the best way to hide your trade-dress while doing this as part-time job
I followed following video for reference

See the Pics

Have Fun.
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The "stickers" uber sent me a few weeks ago when the mandatory law kicked in are like the fridge sticker magnet type. Easy on, easy off, no magnet required.

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i agree with the last poster. The new trade dress peels on and off easily. I'm also part time and refuse to roll 24/7 with the Uber logo in my personal vehicle.
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