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Uber Madness/ where your ratings go

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Today was the most insane chaotice Uber anarchy so far. UT is like a black hole, if you get within 2 miles it will attempt to suck you in.

I pull up to drop off pax. A group of ladies is standing there, and ask me if I can give them a ride. I tell them that one of them has an Uber app that I can. One lady walks up with her phone, her previous ride rating screen is still up.

She sends two stars, and proceeds to say

"Oops, i didnt mean to do that! Joey was a great driver! Oh well" All the ladies laughed, and then pinged me for their ride.

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Since we are talking about ratings. When pax doesn't rate at all our ratings go down. I had two trips on Friday in that slow a$! Market they call San Antonio and no ratings at all dropped my overall rating. That's upsetting. Both my pax where cool with no issues and even jammed out with one per his request. Come on Uber.
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