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Uber Madness/ where your ratings go

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Today was the most insane chaotice Uber anarchy so far. UT is like a black hole, if you get within 2 miles it will attempt to suck you in.

I pull up to drop off pax. A group of ladies is standing there, and ask me if I can give them a ride. I tell them that one of them has an Uber app that I can. One lady walks up with her phone, her previous ride rating screen is still up.

She sends two stars, and proceeds to say

"Oops, i didnt mean to do that! Joey was a great driver! Oh well" All the ladies laughed, and then pinged me for their ride.

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I don't know why all the complaining. Saturday was the best I've had since sxsw. Cleared $340 in 12 hours on Uber x
The way the surges were happening I can believe it. Spent most of my time on Lyft working towards the $750 bonus. For the weekend 40 Lyft rides and 3 Uber rides. 2 of the 3 rides were surge rides. After Ubers cut I got $38.45 + $8 tip. Spent about 1hr 15 min on Uber app. Last ride I seen the surge numbers ending so switch right back over to Lyft. Seen a 200% Lyft area but was to far away and most of pings were 25% to 50% areas. Still nice money overall.

Once UT football ends I figure we will go back down to the normal $150-$200 weekend numbers.
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