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Uber, Lyft say new Illinois rideshare bill could force them to end service in the state

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Stupid Lyft lawyers.
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Yet more BS threats by Uber and Lyft.
They have a long history of threatening to leave if they don't get their way, as if they could not be immediately replaced by a competitor or startup.
The cars, the drivers, and passengers are already out there and can quickly switch to a new provider.
Ride-hailing is here to stay, so if Uber can't survive some "market disruption", someone else will fill the need.
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It's nothing but psychological terrorism from Uber. It's going to be a hard Bill to pass when the sheep are scared and say no. The no will based on the following paragraph.

Uber and Lyft have already created a banned driver's list and have cleaned out a lot of bad apples in the bunch. The problem I see with this is a new rideshare company is not going to have access to these banned drivers for whatever reason. Regardless if it was a truthful ban or if it was false accusations by passengers, a new company is going to have to go through these "new" drivers.

No the false accusations will have a second chance, but the ones that deserve the ban are going to be the issue.

To be honest this scares even myself to what could really happen if this bill went through, if a new company pops up out of nowhere or takes over the area without having some sort of History or ban list.
The new law would force them to be more cautious in their onboarding and more difficult to deflect responsibility.
Many underperforming drivers would be eliminated, likely creating better conditions for those who remain.
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