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I am so proud of companies coming together to save the livelihood of there employees. Uber or Lyft here is a idea stop taking the roughly 35% of the fare people think we get. Yes I ask customers if they know Uber gets roughly 35% of the fare and they cant believe it. Most thought all went to us? Explains lack of tips when someone thinks I am getting $10.00 for a 5 min ride only to find out I got $4.80.
I would assume its better to have a company in a few weeks with drivers than a company with no drivers. We cant afford to do a small percent of rides as compared to what we used to. Even before you would barely make money. Imagine getting the entire fare even temporarily. Tonight I drove and was 1 of 4 cars in Albany ans people were saying the wait time was 20--30 minutes and the surge never went over $2.75? a few passenger tried getting a cab though they were busy.. Oh boy back to cabs? Suggestion to Uber give up you profit for a few weeks before you have nothing, or you spend more trying to get customers back.

Here is a screen pic with Albany with just 2-3 drivers.
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