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So a few weeks ago I finally went to a dealer to inquire more about the lease (after reading all the fine information and tips from this site, ty!). The lease started at 150 per week (even used vehicles) which if a five week month that is a doozy. Totally predatory on Uber's part so of course I took the sticker off my forehead that said 'test me to see if I am a dummy' and refused the kind offer. It is smart business, no one can argue that - offer it to people who might not have another alternative and if that doesn't work - they are already at the dealership to negotiate ownership of a used or new vehicle. It's is smart, just not for the shrewd minded.

Anyhow I worked out another way as far as a vehicle. I'm still hesitant but I will more than likely start at the end of this week. When I went into the Uber Center, I really didn't feel like I got the full gist of what to expect and the information regarding the phone - 200 or 250 (forget which) deposit and the 15 per week fee was rather another eye rolling moment because that is just for the app, no calls to the client can be made on it. Then I have to get my car checked it and will cost me $20. But that is a fee I can live with and understand. I used to be a professional driver in case anyone doesn't know, which is why I am digging in deeper before start. I appreciate this board immensely and of course take everything mentioned within its own context. And of course not everything is the same experience for everyone. I guess it will all be a little confusing until I jump in. Hanging onto this website and the pearls of wisdom in the meantime :)
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