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"Uber began its life as a scrappy startup trying to break up the taxi cartels that dominated most of America's big cities. When Uber was a clear underdog, many people appreciated the company's rebellious streak. Without it, Uber probably wouldn't have survived."

"If Uber wants people to be comfortable with it wielding that kind of power, it's going to have to become a company that people trust and admire."

Uber becoming an admired company is going to first depend on drastically increasing the morale of the driving population. We are the "face" of this company, and as it grows and becomes the company that it wants to be (transporting just about everything in a city that will fit in a car) it will have to start with treating drivers much much better than it does now. Customers like Uber, but drivers hate them.

It's worth reading the article - especially the part where the author suggests that surge pricing should be paid to the driver at 100% if they are serious about getting drivers on the road at peak demand. That way they wouldn't look to the riding public like the leaches they are. It's not like Happy Hour at the bar means increased prices during periods of increased customers.
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