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Uber is at the denial of no show fees again...

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Cancelled a no show after driving 15 minutes, and waiting for the system to prompt that it was ok to cancel. Uber is claiming i am ineligible. They are lower than whale crap.
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I always screen shot my cancels
I did. They just quote that its automated and the system shows i wasn't eligible.
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15 min?!! My goodness..there's your problem..
Not really. This should have been 8 to 11 bucks based on similar trips, just for the no show.
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15 miniutes... Yikes
Keep in mind, 5 minutes at 50 mph, so these premium pickups are easy money, and often lead to $10 to $20 rides, on top of that. This isn't the city, where it can take 15 minutes to go a mile or so.

Call Rohit...ask him how long a driver must wait for a cx fee....then ask for the arrival time, the cancel time...dont tell him what you are up to. After he gives you the times, have him calculate them...3:38pm - 3:33pm = 5 minutes. Then ask him for the fee. DO NOT HANGUP WITHOUT THAT FEE!!
Probably why they refused it. But i was in the driveway outside the Centegra facility, 15 feet or so ftom the door. The gps map is misleading. I had to go around the little loop once to let someone else through, but was there, where i was supposed to be. I think i might try switching from uber to maps or wayze again. Ubers nav sucks when you get close up to destinations out here.
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