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Uber Invite for Dinner - Scam Warning

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Received email from Uber today with subject: "You are invited to our free dinner this Thursday"


"Celebrating music together

Join us Thursday evening to celebrate the launch of ad-free music through the Uber Partner app! Learn about Pandora Music and activate it on your phone with 1-on-1 support from our Music Experts.

Even better? You'll get to enjoy a FREE dinner plus refreshments and get to meet other driver-partners in Melbourne!

WHEN: Thursday, August 4th
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

WHERE: Uber Greenlight Hub
64 Gwynne Street
Cremorne, VIC"

Why some driver wants to join Pandora??? Only because customers can play their music. I am not going to signup this. Will you???
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Its a free feed and I will continue using my tunes on my phone lol
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I will continue to play what ever is in FM radio.
If a pax askes me if I have Pandora I will simply tell them it chews up to match data so the short answer is "NO"
I bet the pax who want it will be the ones around Chapel St who only want to go 1km up the road.
and they want water and mints also, stuff em I say
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haha they have a few groups. Oh Taxi drivers. Right one is here


Anyone want to 'comment'? :)
Love to, but they blocked me months ago
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