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Uber Invite for Dinner - Scam Warning

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Received email from Uber today with subject: "You are invited to our free dinner this Thursday"


"Celebrating music together

Join us Thursday evening to celebrate the launch of ad-free music through the Uber Partner app! Learn about Pandora Music and activate it on your phone with 1-on-1 support from our Music Experts.

Even better? You'll get to enjoy a FREE dinner plus refreshments and get to meet other driver-partners in Melbourne!

WHEN: Thursday, August 4th
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

WHERE: Uber Greenlight Hub
64 Gwynne Street
Cremorne, VIC"

Why some driver wants to join Pandora??? Only because customers can play their music. I am not going to signup this. Will you???
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Uber would be getting commission on every sign up
Its free Nicky till the end of the year...... So they can take 100% commission, but they'll still get zippo.
Uber doesn't do nothing for nothing.. I'm sure they probably charge Pandora a fee for each sign on...
Not disagreeing with that, but they're not making money from the drivers at this stage. Its free to sign up, no credit card required. So no possible payment from the drivers side. Plus I won't be paying a cent for this feature, purely as its a data hog to start with, secondly cause I'm not paid enough to pay for crap like this.

Now what Uber/Pandora have worked out between them, who knows. Maybe its just a way to get users over to Pandora from say Apple Music, based on that they can listen to 'tunes' in the uber..... :)
forget to cancel & later fee's are charged to use it :confused: ...
No credit card required during sign up, so they are try all they like to charge a non existent credit card!
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I offered aux cable to pax who asked about Pandora.
Was going to say drop in to fuber office and get your free aux cable/phone holder..... For paxs that ask, toss them a aux and say knock yourself out....

They can use their own data.
haha they have a few groups. Oh Taxi drivers. Right one is here


Anyone want to 'comment'? :)
Love to, but they blocked me months ago
Yeah got that feeling they might be doing that, as a quick read of the poor written posts, seem to be all 'pro' taxis, not a single 'pro uber' comment on there.
Uber said tonight (in conversation) that they do not have enough drivers. They acknowledge that surges will bring in more money, but they don't want to turn the passengers away. I don't think they will as passengers use Uber for more reasons than price. So the bottom line is milk the surges while you can.
Well here is the problem. The driver numbers are increasing. With rates being so low this means drivers make little money as the sharp rise of drivers hasn't been matched with a equal increase in demand and that results are what? You guessed it, more drivers leaving as they don't make money.

The only way for Uber to increase driver numbers, is for demand to follow it, but the problem is that Uber is so cheap, that the demand increase is chicken feed fares, all short trips etc. Winter has brought a massive increase for little jobs for me personally. Some days its not worth getting out of bed ;)
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Telling a driver to that there are not enough drivers in Melbourne is pure bullsh*t
Nah man, we could get another Uber driver or two in here. Look at this screenshot, one of those corners doesn't have a car on it!!! ;)

Flooding of the market isn't good for drivers, but is good for Uber. Uber makes money on fares, and it costs them zero to have drivers on the road. So if you don't make any money, Uber doesn't care as its not costing them anything. They also don't care if its a min trip and you drive 15 mins to it, again as it doesn't cost them a cent and they still make their cut.

Now if they had to pay a min hourly rate for us to be online, you watch them care then!!

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And I know for a fact that one of the factors contributing to Uber's recently announced failure in China is that when they applied the same fare reduction strategy, drivers simply migrated to Di Di Cuxing.
More to it than that.. Uber was losing money as Uber was offering large discounts to get riders and market share.

But the people of China are loyal and went with the 'local' ride sharing company rather than the big evil westen one.

Now Uber/DiDi have done a deal, uber has removed these end user discounts and Uber ride costs nearly doubled overnight.


"My ride nearly doubled in price," complained one user named Longdidongruirui on Weibo, while one Uber journey in Beijing that has regularly cost Rmb10 ($1.50) for the past year cost Rmb19 on Tuesday morning, as the normal discount was not applied.

Uber is not signing up drivers as fast as they would like to.
You need to read what I posted again. Ubers issue is they are not signing up new paxs fast enough to meet the driver sign ups. They have the drivers recently, lots of new drivers on the road. Hello $400-600 driver referral bonus drivers. Have you noticed the long pings have basically gone this week, and the pax app is full of uber ants. So they have drivers. Now those ants are fighting over the same amount of pax fares. So the pie is shared with more drivers.
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