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Uber in Las Vegas

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I am thinking to move to Las Vegas.Everything over there is 50% less cheaper than in DC,and plus there is no snow or cold weather.Can somebody please answer me this:
1. Is it legal to drive an uberX in Las Vegas?
2. What permits do you need in order to become an uber driver?
3. How is limousine business over there?
4.What are busy times/days to drive?
5. Do you have bad neighborhoods for driving and living?Any places that I shoud avoid?
6. What is the real per hour income?
7. How much is the gas?
8. How do passengers treat you?
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Every week a different person comes here to ask the same questions so all the answers to your questions are here.
Bottom line though, the rates suck here like most other markets and there is an abundance of drivers (like most other markets)
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