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Orlando Uber driver charged with sexual assault of passenger

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - A Florida Uber driver is facing charges that he sexually assaulted a drunken passenger.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that 38-year-old Jorge Alberto Antunez Quintero was charged this week with sexual battery after an investigation into the alleged May 21 attack.

The victim told Orlando police she had requested an Uber ride to a hotel. She said she felt fine but suddenly lost consciousness.

Antunez Quintero told investigators the woman asked him to pull over because she felt sick. He said she pulled up her dress and he noticed she wasn't wearing underwear. He told them he took that as a sign she wanted sex.

He says he took her to a hotel room and undressed. He said he got on top of her but stopped because he is married.

The victim says she woke up and he told her she was dreaming.
It Appears that immigrants and minorities are involved in the majority of the assaults. I would think uber has looked at this fact and is doing something to resolve the problem.

A few months ago a female rider told me that she rides on a corporate Uber account. I will leave out the name, but they are very big. After a number of problems with drivers, nationwide, the company suggested that female riders not accept rides with minorities or foreigners of the male persuasion. Hmmm
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