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Making an Uber basket for my daughter's club fundraiser. Here's what I have so far:

Gift card
Charging cables
Aux cord

Anything else?

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vomit bag

vape pen

sense of hopelessness and desperation

pepper spray

dash cam footage of you picking your nose

the six pounds of glitter you collected from your backseat after last Halloween

that reckless driving citation that you hope Uber doesn't find out about during your next background check

your pride and self worth, since you don't seem to be using it right now

your vehicle's depreciation, although I don't think there's a basket in the world big enough for that

your Fathead™ of Travis Kalanick

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How about some cleaners, windex etc ....or tire shine. Maybe a small pack of microfiber towels. The three packs of air freshers(trees) or vent clips.
Oil change voucher-parts store card-those driving beads for your back. (Cheap also)


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