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UBER fuel card. Any one using it ?

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I qualified for the UBER gas credit card. They advertised 10 to 20 cents off of gas and the ability to keep driving when u may be low on cash. So far the discount has been either zero or like 4 cents a gallon. Is it just me or is this a good example of UBER realizing that wages are so low that they found a need to give their drivers an advance on their pay just to keep them driving. I have used the card, but don't like it when my check is lowered because I advanced my check for gas money. Partner must maintain 200 trips per month or they yank it back. That's bully tactics! We will help u if you drive drive drive. We don't want you to stop driving because you can't afford fuel. Well if I made $1.25 a mile not $.85 cents on The X platform I would have plenty of cash each week! UBER promised the rate cut would increase our earnings, for me I make less and have to drive more. Ironically, the gas card does help me keep going because I am usually broke. These UBER wages are very low and it's like an endless road to nowhere. Your thoughts?
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I doubt I'll ever qualify only driving 60 hrs a month but even if I did, I wouldn't use it. My Citi Hilton card gives me 3 points for every dollar I spend at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and drug stores. My regular FT business requires me to travel 2 nights a week out of state and those points add up (and yes, I pay off my bill every month). I don't have a card that gives cash back but you'd be better off using that than the ubercard. Someone mentioned on another thread that Uber probably gets a larger discount and just keeps the difference and doesn't that sound just like something they would do?
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