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Hi everyone, is there many uber female drivers out there or here on the forum driving for uber? I wonder what the percentage of female drivers vs male drivers.
Hi and welcome aboard the good ship UP.

You would be surprised how many women are now driving for Uber. There are now far greater numbers than when I started nearly two years ago which I think were one or two females, Uber could not answer that clearly for me. . Since Uber was legalized in December it has opened the flood gates to new drivers, which has made driving for Uber unsustainable unless you are only looking to make pocket money. The age group of female drivers ranges from the young (20's and starry eyed) through to the retired (60's), a diverse group of women doing it for a whole host of different reasons.

Please read as much from this forum as possible as there is a host of very good information, you can do a search for key words (top right side of the page) to save posting the same stuff repeatedly. Which is all too frequent !!! o_O

Don't be put off by some members here who can be ill mannered at times. I think that is why so many females are gender unspecific here to avoid the males that have somewhat antiquated notions of females and their roles in a modern society.

Driving is a numbers game - the longer you drive the more at risk you are of having difficult passengers, or having an accident. This is very evident if you read the stories here in the Australian forums as well as the global ones. I only drive day time as the risk is far too great of being in a situation that you can no longer control in the evenings/nights. I have enough challenging encounters on weekends days with drunk and drugged out PAX, and let me assure you, some of the experiences I have had are less than pleasant. Sure it seems fun, good people, great conversations yada, yada, but more and more low life are now using Uber - It only takes one !!!! Remember that when you are tempted to drive nights.

You are too at risk and vulnerable (more like a sitting duck) at night on your own with male pax or pax's.
That may be the night you draw the short straw and you are out of luck.

Please read below for some advice about safety posted Aug 28, 2015. (Updated my facts) I have included in full format below here to save you the trouble.


Big welcome to all the new female Uber drivers - the more the better.

I have been Ubering for about 2 years or so, with well over 3 thousand rides and only I work day time.
Generally about 80% of pax are good, thought this has been falling in my mind as Uber becomes more popular.

I never work nights no matter how tempting it is to earn the big dollars. The risks are just too great, seriously why would I risk being harnessed, abused (you get enough of that during the day from the "special" young) and the potential of someone being sick in YOUR car, let alone damaging it. I get out by 7-8pm, there are enough people who take drugs and drink excessively before they "officially" go out, or have had a long lunch.
Do not allow any opened alcohol in your car - some pax are very sneaky so be on the watch out.

People will try all sorts of things on you for example, moving their furniture and worldly goods, or being their cheap business courier,
Sorry but I move people, I am not that desperate for a fare, the potential damage to my car or any other liability .
Tell the cheap arses to get a removalist, or a courier.

If you do not feel comfortable with the pax when you arrive for pick up, cancel cancel.
If someone abuses, or is rude and obnoxious to you, stop the ride, kick them out and report them to Uber. Rate them a 1.
We do not need pax like this - not that I think Uber does anything about it, but at least you are covering yourself and a potential bad rating.

Have the emergency/police number as the top priority call number in your phone.

My advice is don't wear jewelry, mind you I do wear cheap but smart earrings only. Remove temptation.
Best advice I ever had when traveling on my own overseas was to wear a cheap wedding band, males are less inclined to hassle you, particularly if you are young and attractive. It works.
Try not to wear scarves, as they can be used against you.

pick up kids under the age of 18. This includes baby's and those under the age of seven unless you have a Australian Standards approved car seat, even then I would not do it. Explain to the pax that it is illegal Nationally - only Taxis can carry unrestrained babies and toddlers.
Do not pick up unaccompanied minors, many drivers are picking up kids from outside schools that is just asking for trouble.
Remember: as yet we do not have appropriate insurance.

"the company's terms and conditions state that individuals under 18 are not permitted to use the service if they're not riding with an adult. Minors are also prohibited from opening accounts."
"Many parents interviewed - who said they had no idea about the ban on kids under 18"


See the Child Car Seats website for detailed information.

Below are a links that make interesting reading, if you have not found them already.
The taxi one is particularly interesting and offers good sound advice.

http://www.taxi-library.org/gord28.htm - essential reading

Many pax are really appreciative of having a female driver - make it your advantage.

Don't ever be desperate enough for a fare to put yourself, your car, or your life and livelihood at risk

Remember you are doing a job, don't let things get out of hand by being too friendly.

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This thread is a year old.
And Thelma and Louise haven't been heard of for nearly a year.

Has anybody followed this up?

More anxiety !!!
I am here, as per usual lurking about.

nteresting to note about jewellery.
Also do you think if a young man wears a wedding band that it may have the opposite effect due to gender roles/stereotypes?
Well that depends on whether you are married and intend to honor your wedding vows.

If not married and you wish to fall stall any potentially issues with female riders, yes a wedding ring can prevent issues with the more honorable females.
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